Natural vaginal birth with broken pelvis?

Natural vaginal birth with broken pelvis? by Patrikya K. (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Hi there, my daughter has had 3 “normal” vaginal deliveries using midwives–2 of which were water births–one of which was an at-home water birth.

These experiences have been vital for her and her children. Recently, she suffered a broken pelvis during the Joplin, MO tornado. She is 6 months pregnant and has been advised to plan on a c-section for this birth in October. As you might imagine, she is distraught over the loss of her (and her family’s) home and belongings.

However, she is equally mournful over the prospect of a c-section birth. Is there any chance that she might still be able to undergo a natural, vaginal birth with a (healing) broken pelvis? At the time of her due date, 5 months of pelvic healing will have elapsed. Please contact me with any information she might research as a means for her informed decision-making regarding this birth. Thanks so much, Patrikya (her mom)


Natural vaginal birth with broken pelvis?

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  • Answer from Alisha ~ Natural Motherhood

I am so sorry to hear of all the devastation!!! I hope we can find an answer for you!!! And she will remain in my prayers!!!

Peace be with you


  • Answer from Trisha

I would start by looking at how long a normal, non pregnant pelvis would take to heal. They are not going to set her pelvis to heal in an improper position (so it shouldn’t really affect the shape of the pelvis and the baby’s navigation through it). I would assume she is also in rehab/physical therapy for it. If she is doing well with the physical therapy and the bones have 5 months or so of healing time, I would seriously question the requirement for a c-section. I would question her providers on the specific reasons that she requires a c-section and inquire about possible outcomes if labor goes too fast (before the presumed scheduled c-section) and they can’t make it to the hospital what might happen kind of things. And if there is some legitimate reason why a vaginal birth would be ill advised, she can still opt to not schedule the operation and just go in when spontaneous labor starts to ensure that the baby is ready to be born.


  • Answer from Anonymous

I also have suffered a broken pelvis and have been seeing different doctors trying to get answers for that same question.
If like me she has any metal fixings it is not advised as the pelvis can no longer open up but if she has no metal fixings i guess it would be okay but would probably be a lot more painful depending how the pelvis healed

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  • knitbyahenshop

    I don’t have childbirth advice but I broke my pelvis years ago—it was from a side impact, there was no internal organ damage, and I had no surgery. I was 22 and I could walk without assistance at 3.5 months, and could run again at 6 months. i think the type of breaks, her age, and what procedures they used to fix it will greatly determine if it is possible. Good luck to her! [p.s. I’m also from SLO!]