Natural Birthing Videos

These Natural Birthing Videos will inspire and encourage you.

If you want a natural birth then watch these videos.

Nowadays, in our technologically advanced world, the idea of natural childbirth is crazy to some- maybe most? As a matter of fact, to many, “natural” means “vaginal”. However, to some of us, natural means just that…natural.

…No drugs. …No interventions.

Do we dare even say it? Natural also means…


Why would anyone reject the medical advancements of our times?

Well, since you asked, we’ll tell you why:

Because, women were created to give birth…they have just lost the trust.

Because, labor drugs are not without consequences.

Because, labor interventions have been proven to breed more interventions…and more interventions have been proven to increase the risks to both mother and child.

Because, a c-section is not risk free. It was meant to be a life saving intervention NOT just another way to have a baby.

Epidurals have consequences as well.

Because, we – women – are so strong and we learn so much about ourselves when we birth our babies in our own power.

Because, the whole modern obstetrics system is based on fear and myths.

Because, natural childbirth has proven to be safest for mother and babies.

Because, babies like to be born alert.

Because, the power of birth is not learned any other way.


So, if you have chosen a natural birth then these natural childbirth videos will encourage and inspire you. If you have no one to encourage you and if the nay sayers get to you then watch one of these videos of childbirth.


Natural Birthing Videos


Natural Birthing Videos


Note:  Our birthing videos are not graphic. We have no problem with childbirth nor with videos of childbirth whether graphic or not. However, we are moms. We pride ourselves in being a family friendly site. Many sites will only show graphic movies if one is registered. So to honor other moms out there who do not want their children to stumble on graphic videos, we have chosen to not present any.

We thank you for your understanding.

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